Party Testimonials

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“Chibis is a dream come true!! My family and I were lucky enough to be referred to this indoor playground by a friend. Once we stopped in for a visit, we were convinced that this was the perfect place for our daughters’ birthdays. The establishment was clean, inviting, and met the needs of both an infant and toddler with its developmently-appropriate toys and equipment.
My husband and I booked a party with Chibis to recognize my oldest’s 3rd birthday and my youngest’s 1st birthday. We were able to fit approximately 24 children and 50 adults very comfortably for our evening event. Prior to the party, the owner (Tiffany) touched base with me personally to make sure all of the food details, decor, and arrangements were to my liking. She went above and beyond to make me feel at ease.
At the beginning of the party, Tiffany set up everything — food, drinks, and decorating!! She was also excellent at overseeing the details of the evening and helping things run smoothly.  I literally did nothing other than mingle with my guests and take care of my own daughters. It was probably the best party I’ve ever “hosted” because the Chibis crew allowed me to enjoy it.
If you’re looking for a place to play or hold your party, I can GUARANTEE this is where you want to go!!”


“I absolutely love this place!  I had never been here before, and decided to have my son’s 3rd birthday party there.  We had a private party for a very reasonable price.  They did everything from set up to clean up.  I was amazed, I really put little to no effort into this event.  They set the party room up with their fabulous décor of plates, napkins, plastic ware, party hats & juice boxes!  They handled ordering all the pizza and setting it out for everyone.  This made everything flow so smoothly and efficiently with little work from the parents.  Also they have an option of playing a slideshow for you, all you have to do is put pictures on a thumb drive and bring it in (that added a special personal touch to the party).  They had music playing in the background.  The kids were running around and having such a great time.  I can go on and on about the entire event.  The owner Tiffany is wonderful and very accommodating.  She really knows what she is doing and I’m happy that we chose Chibis over all the other places in the Sterling/Ashburn area!  All the parents raved about it, and my brother & sister-in-law were so pleased that they have decided to have their daughter’s 3rd birthday party there!  Last but not least, it’s soooo clean in there!”


“We just had my son’s fourth birthday party at Chibis last weekend. Boy, was it the best decision we could have made! All the kids from the 6 year olds down to the 18 month old had a blast (which is a tough crowd to plan for!).  The decorations & party room were great, the timing worked perfectly and Tiffany and her staff were wonderful. We got lots of great comments from all the parents and grandparents, and best of all hubby & I had a stress free party. Thank you Chibis!!!”


“I am writing to thank you again for everything.  Everyone has only compliments about your place and I am so glad I chose Chibis for (our daughter’s) 3rd birthday party.  The attention and care was unbelievable and everything turned out exactly how I expected!   Our Party Helpers were so nice and helpful as well.  Big thanks to them for being so kind, helpful and polite to me and my guests.   My husband and I left Chibis saying, “Awesome! We found a place we can have all our kids’ birthday parties now”!”

Nate & Niki

“Just wanted to drop you a note to know how amazingly well the party went!  The kids had a blast and all the parents loved it – a great time was had by all.  I also wanted to particularly mention how awesome your staff was:  they covered absolutely everything, made sure everything ran smoothly, and were really fun and helpful all-around.  We’re so happy that we did the party at Chibis again!”


“We had an amazing time. The staff was super helpful and made things very easy.  We wouldn’t have changed a thing.  Thanks so much!”


“I just wanted to thank you again.  (Our daughter’s) party was so much fun and everything was perfect.   Our Party Helper was amazing and so helpful.  She kept the party flowing and had everything so organized.  She was the absolute best!! You have a wonderful facility and I will definitely be recommending it to everyone I know.  You made everything so easy and thanks to you my daughter’s first birthday was very memorable.   Thank you again!”


“We just held my son’s 3rd birthday party at Chibis and it was amazing! The space looked beautiful, the kids had a blast and the parents enjoyed chatting while the kids played. Thank you for making it so easy on me and taking care of everything!”


“Thank you for being the PERFECT venue for my 3rd birthday party! I loved it and so did all of my friends. You were so kind and organized (that was my mommy’s word).  I’ll be back to play soon!”


“We all had a great time at the party today!  Some of the kids said it was the best birthday party they’ve ever been to.   Thanks again for helping make our son’s day so special!”


“We had a party there November 15th for my daughter who was turning four. It was the first party we’d ever done outside of small family parties at our house so we were very concerned with finding just the right spot. We looked at several spots before choosing Chibis. The space had everything we were looking for in a venue and Tiffany and Dave answered all our questions promptly and thoroughly throughout the process. They were able to accommodate our requests and followed up exactly when they said they would as the party drew closer.

On the day of the party Tiffany helped us set up the party decorations, served the food, cut the cake, and did a fantastic job of corralling 20+ four-year-olds into one spot to sing happy birthday to my daughter. All the kids, especially my daughter, had a blast. We had rented out the space for a private event which turned out to be a smart move as it gave the kids plenty of room to play without bumping into other parties as we’ve experienced at other children’s parties. Everyone also liked that there was additional playtime after the food so no one felt rushed out the door after eating.

The parents had a good time too. Several wanted to know how we found the place as only a few of them had been there. Also, the option to serve alcohol was a big hit as we served nautical-themed beer and cider to our adult guests (it was a pirate-themed birthday party).

In short, we could not be happier with the experience at Chibis. Our daughter got exactly the kind of party she had been asking for for months, and we got exactly the party we planned and hoped for!”