Chibis inclement weather notification

The best way to find out if we are closed is to visit our Admissions page or our Events Calendar page on our website.

Chibis DOES NOT follow Loudoun or Fairfax Counties’ school closure schedule – which means if school is canceled due to bad weather or unsafe road conditions, we will strive to maintain normal Open Play hours if the weather and road conditions both in Ashburn and in the areas where our employees live permit safe travels.

If the roads are passable and our employees are able to get to work safely, we will be opened for business as usual.

HOWEVER…If local authorities declare a state of emergency or if the roads in and around Ashburn are not safe for traveling, we may close with little or no notice.  This is done to keep EVERYONE safe – our customers and our employees.

We will always announce any unscheduled closures via email, on our website and Facebook page and will do our best to update our answering machine message.

If the weather turns quickly, we sometimes have to close early to mitigate safe travel in the afternoon.  We apologize for the inconvenience that such short closure notices may cause, and we appreciate your understanding as we have everyone’s safety in mind when we make these decisions.