Parent, Daycare & School Groups

Scheduled Open Play Sessions

Do you have a preschool, daycare or parent group that would enjoy meeting and playing together at Chibis during our Open Play hours?  We offer many different options, like extended playtime, flexible meeting times and discounts for chartered parent groups.  These play time options take place during Open Play hours.

Contact Tiffany at to find out more.

Would you like Chibis all to yourself?

Here are details for our Private Morning Playtime option:

  1. One hour of Exclusive Private Play available weekday mornings (excluding school holidays).
  2. You and your group will have exclusive use of Chibis from 9:00am – 10:00am on your scheduled date.
  3. Your group may stay at Chibis and participate in Open Play at 10:00am with other Open Play customers for as long as they wish.
  4. Each admission for children 8 and under will be charged at $10 each, regardless of age or ability (no Infant Playground Admission prices of $8 will apply).
  5. Total admissions must equal a minimum of $100.  If they do not, you and your group will be responsible for making up the difference to equal $100.
  6. Infants remaining secured (car seat carrier or sling) during the 2-hour play time will be free of charge.
  7. Payment may be made with cash, credit card or personal check only. No gift cards, Certifikids, DoubleTakeDeals, Play Pass cards, coupons or vouchers will be accepted.
  8. All Open Play rules apply to your visit.  This includes no food containing nuts or nut products and no celebrations of any kind.
  9. If your entire group cancels within 72 hours of the reserved date, there will be a $25 cancellation charge.
  10. If you need to move the date, you may do so before 72 hours of your reserved date at no charge.
  11. If Chibis cannot open for business due to inclement weather or loss of power, you will not be responsible for any payment for your reserved date.