Membership Options


Due to popular demand, we are now offering hassle-free, cost-effective membership options. Membership is not required to enjoy Chibis Indoor Playground, but a membership offers valuable benefits at an affordable rate.

Play together in any weather and SAVE! It’s simple!  The one-time upfront membership payment is based on the number of children and the duration of the membership (1, 2 or 3 months).

Multiple siblings enjoy a discount, and while the base price of a one month membership is already a great value, you can save 5% on two months and 10% on three months!

Membership Options

(available year-round*)

A single child starts at $45 for 1 month, and siblings** are discounted starting at $35 each for 1 month.  The savings increase the longer your membership runs.

1 month

Base Rate Price

1 kid


2 kids


3 kids


4 kids


2 months


1 kid


2 kids


3 kids


4 kids


3 months


1 kid


2 kids


3 kids


4 kids


Memberships purchased online are dormant until activated at the Reception Counter at Chibis.  This means if you purchase a membership as a gift, the lucky recipient can activate it at their convenience***!


*Memberships spanning multiple months must be consecutive, meaning you cannot skip a month and extend the membership beyond the purchased time.  Months cannot be skipped – ex: A 3 month membership activated on 3/15/2016 would expire on 6/15/2016 and will run for the entire 3 months.

**Multiple children must be siblings – members of the same family.

***All Memberships purchased in-store and online must be activated within 6 months of the purchase date.  6 months after the purchase date, the membership cannot be activated, is void and has a zero dollar value.  No refunds for unactivated memberships.  Activated Memberships are not transferable. 

In addition to considerable savings on Open Play admissions, members also enjoy:

  • UNLIMITED Play Time during our regular Open Play hours!  This means you can stay as long as you like every time you visit* (even during our 90-minute Open Play Days), or you can play in the morning and return in the afternoon!
  • $15 off Daytime Playtime Parties**
  • $25 off Private Parties**
  • $50 off Platinum Parties**
  • Discounts on Ticketed Events

* We are capacity driven.  During times that our capacity is reached, we cannot admit anyone – drop-in open play customers or members – until the capacity diminishes.   Extreme weather days (hot, cold, rainy, etc.) and school holidays are busiest, and you are welcome to call ahead and see how busy we are anytime before driving to Chibis.

** Membership must be active on the date of the party for discount to apply.


How can I purchase my membership?

Purchase Option #1:  You may purchase a membership in person at the Chibis reception counter.

Purchase Option #2:  You may ORDER A MEMBERSHIP ONLINE.  They make fantastic gifts!

What payment methods do you accept?

Purchasing in person at reception counter:  We accept Cash, MasterCard, Visa or Discover.

Purchasing ONLINE:  We accept MasterCard, Visa or Discover.

Please note that we do not accept gift cards, vouchers, or coupons as a form of payment for a membership.

What is the cancellation policy?

Membership is non-refundable and non-transferrable.  Memberships may not be cancelled for any reason.

Can my relative or other caregiver bring my child to Chibis and use the family membership?

Yes!  You will receive three membership cards when you sign up.  You may give a membership card to grandpa, grandma, babysitter, etc. so that he/she may bring your child(ren) to Chibis.  As long as your approved caregiver brings the membership card to Chibis, you are all set!  You do not need to tell us who will bring your kids before your visit.

Can members visit more than once per day?

YES!  Members can not only stay as long as they like during our regular Open Play hours, but they can also visit multiple times per day, as often as they like!

My oldest child will probably not visit Chibis unless it is a weekend or school holiday. Can I purchase a membership for just my younger child(ren)?

Yes!  You are welcome to purchase a membership for your family based on the number of children that will use it the most.  If your oldest child visits Chibis, with or without your registered child(ren), you would pay separately for admission based on our current Open Play rate.

Do the children I bring to Chibis have to be included in the membership?

Yes and no.  Memberships are based on the number of children in your family that you wish to include and their first and last names.  Any children accompanying you during a visit that are not named in your membership will be charged at the standard Open Play admission rate.

When does my membership start?

Memberships can be activated anytime within 6 months of the purchase date.  The payment for any membership that is not activated within 6 months of the purchase date will be forfeit and the membership will not be valid for use.  No refunds are given for unactivated memberships.

This means that purchasing a membership (either in person at the reception counter or ONLINE), secures your selected membership option with a unique receipt code which is sent to you via email.  Present that code at Chibis when you are ready to activate your membership.  It’s that easy!

This activation process works for both personal memberships and for memberships purchased as gifts for someone special.

Contact David at or call (571) 918-0310 if you have further questions about the activation process.

Any other questions?

Please give David a call at (571) 918-0310 or email